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Diana’s Diary get it NOW!

Right – my diary’s finally available – just in time for the wedding. It’s a modern eBook job for you to read on your phone or laptop or donglestick or whatever they’re called. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. … Continue reading

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Julie Cooper – totally obsessed with me

Think you’re my biggest fan? Well you’re not. Julie Cooper is. Watch and learn… [Direct link to video on YouTube]

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New Beatles Album!

Wow! John Lennon and George Harrison have teamed up in Heaven to record and release a new album, George And John Do One. The tracklisting is as follows. 1: Shobba Dobba 2: I Heard You Cackle 3: Stuck In A … Continue reading

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Jesus in a Marmite lid? Fuck off!

As seen in the papers this week, the face of Jesus has supposedly appeared in a Marmite lid in Wales… I’ve had a word with JC and he says it’s got fuck all to do with him. Furthermore, he pointed … Continue reading

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Live webcam from my Memorial Fountain…

Deader than the Queen’s left nipple down there today…

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Anna Nicole Smith – trouble in paradise

It’s been three years to the day since Anna Nicole Smith pitched up here in Heaven. She’s been celebrating the anniversary by riding a cow around and spitting painkillers into people’s faces. About an hour ago she gave a slurred … Continue reading

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Jesus spaghetti. Nice one Big Man!

The Big Man fired this one down to you mortals a few days ago when he’d had a few. Explains why it’s so slapdash. But it gets the job done and there were almost 800 zealots queuing up to have … Continue reading

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