Blogging exclusively from the afterlife. Thoughts, feelings, tantrums and tiaras. Fuck knows how long it’ll be before I get bored with it.

Drop me a line at princessdianainheaven@googlemail.com


7 Responses to About

  1. Hello. Firstly, I’m a bit drunk.

    Secondly, hello. This is, of course, based on you ignoring the initial hello.

    This is essentially a message to say that I’m mightily honoured for you following me on Twitter as your writing is quite possibly the greatest thing I have ever read and I applaud your magnificently offensive ramblings.

    Anyway, I’m off to sleep. I will continue to chortle to myself at work reading your beauty…of course, only in between laughing that Madeleine McCann is still missing.

    Cheerio for now.


  2. Tanya Jones says:

    Do you get a ‘Guide to Heaven’ booklet when you arrive, Diana? Is there a waiting room?

  3. Floozie says:

    Do you still need to go to the toilet in heaven and if you do can you tell me if men still pee on the seat?

  4. Rob Long says:

    Stephen Hawking has recently announced that God doesn’t exist. Can you clear this up as I am an atheist and I don’t want to get to the other side to meet all those smug religious twats chorusing “we told you so!”

  5. LemonMeister says:

    Diana why haven’t you called? Loved the chat we had on the Concord, BTW I need to give you back the hotel room key you gave me. See you on the otherside.

  6. Muhammad Mohsin Naeem says:

    Well I ahve a question, if she is in heaven why are you showing her eyes as red? After I watched the picture on your website, it seems she is the devil, or a witch? so please put a picture of her as the site name suggest i.e. dinana in heaven.

  7. Geri McDonnell says:

    When Heather Mills dies (which hopefully will be fucking soon) will her leg be in heaven waiting for her?

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