Diana’s Diary get it NOW!

Right – my diary’s finally available – just in time for the wedding. It’s a modern eBook job for you to read on your phone or laptop or donglestick or whatever they’re called. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.

It’s longer than The Princess And The Pea, but shorter than The Princess Bride. Oh, and it’s a bit sweary. Not for the faint-hearted.

There’s a preview of part of the book here in order to get your juices flowing. Oh, and another preview here!

It’s available to buy for about £1.50 in the Amazon Kindle Store.

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14 Responses to Diana’s Diary get it NOW!

  1. BTUB40 says:

    About 4kin time too…

  2. Tiggy Leggy says:

    So no signed copies then?

  3. Rippoi.com says:

    Can we choose what name is visible in the VIP edition squidgy? Have ordered my copy and am looking forward to reading what you have been up to. Never got a buyer for your letters, by the way. The lad’s all grown up now and pretending to be like charley…. Miss you. Jamie H

  4. sillycasper says:

    Right, bought it. Better be fecking good!

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  6. Graham says:

    When’s the book getting mailed out then?!

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  8. I bet page 1 is not even written!

  9. GadgetGav says:

    I bought this through the link on the 29th and the download did not work because it said the payment hadn’t been processed. Now it’s May 2nd and I’m still getting the same error. Google Checkout says you charged my credit card on the 29th and everything else I’ve bought through Google has process right away, so I don’t get what the hold up is.
    E-commerce shouldn’t be affected by Royal Weddings and Bank Holidays…

  10. GadgetGav says:

    Sorted in short order. Thanks Di!

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