New Beatles Album!

Wow! John Lennon and George Harrison have teamed up in Heaven to record and release a new album, George And John Do One.

The tracklisting is as follows.

1: Shobba Dobba

2: I Heard You Cackle

3: Stuck In A Ditch

4: Floor Song

5: Beef Curtains

6: Detective Of The Year

7: Gillian

8: Another Lonely Month Of Mondays

9: Give It Give It Give It (Don’t Give It)

10: My Infected Parrot And Me

11: Sizzlin’ Steak

12: Shobba Dobba (reprise)

The album is not available outside of the afterlife.

[via Factual Healing]

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4 Responses to New Beatles Album!

  1. Scaryduck says:

    I see they’re still not talking to McCartney, who’s been up in heaven since 1966.

  2. Roxy says:

    Now I can’t fucking wait to hear it…may be a while though then again, who knows…could be any time!!

  3. Rick Wakeman says:

    don’t let too many beatles fans see this, some would kill to here it

  4. Rick Wakeman says:

    hear (dah)

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